An Introduction to XPHP

What is XPHP?

XPHP is a free class for PHP which allows for the embedding of dynamic content (web application variables, function output, etc.) in a web page, using a pure XML-based syntax. It is designed to quickly bring application functionality to your web pages, while avoiding the complexity and overhead of a full CMS suite or application scripting framework. It has been deployed on many projects from small-scale sites as a basic templating engine, to powering mid-sized e-commerce applications, to running full-fledged intensive data applications on high profile web sites.

Who's it for?

XPHP is designed for developers who want to improve the efficiency and structure of their applications without committing to a complicated, bulky framework, or involving disorganized, unsafe, and philosophically questionable pseudo-code in the delivery of dynamic content to a web page.

Basic goals of XPHP development:

Features of XPHP:

System requirements:

Did we mention that it's really, really easy to use to do some amazing stuff? To get a true sense of XPHP's functionality, we suggest that you proceed to section one of the XPHP guide "Installing and Loading XPHP" and explore how you can quickly deploy XPHP on your own site.

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